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Dedicated, Effective, and Experienced Employment Law Attorney

Numerous federal and state laws govern employer-employee relations and prohibit not only discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, but also wage and overtime violations, unfair competition, and misappropriation of trade secrets. I’m Los Angeles employment law attorney Sana Swe. I established my law firm to provide highly competent and experienced legal representation to employers and employees who are involved in workplace disputes. Employment law is all I do. It’s all I’ve done for more than 15 years. It’s my passion. I’m deeply committed to giving each of my clients first-rate legal representation, outstanding personal service, and exceptional value.

  • Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation
  • Whistleblower Claims
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Leave of Absence Claims
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Wage and Hour Violations

Recent Developments in Employment Law

A Potentially Scary Future Workplace

‘How Your Boss Will Run Your Life in a Few Years.‘ That is the title of a recent Yahoo Finance article about the potential way big companies may begin to monitor and track their workforce. The author, Rick Newman, predicts that ‘big companies could end up so powerful and influential they morph into “mini states” […]

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