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Our Approach to Employment Problems

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Employment Mediation • Employment Litigation

Employment MediationThe first thing we do with every client is gain a clear understanding of the situation — the work situation, the client’s objectives, and the client’s emotional and financial needs. We research all legal and factual issues painstakingly. We then propose a course of action that is most likely to achieve the client’s goal, be it to save a job, end harassing or discriminatory behavior, obtain financial compensation or vindicate a principle.

Once we have understood the client’s objectives, we prepare thoroughly for meetings, interviews, negotiations, and if applicable, employment mediation. If a resolution is not possible, we plan methodically for depositions, motions, hearings, and trials. With over 20-plus years practicing employment law, we have taken and defended dozens of depositions, won numerous discovery motions, motions to dispose of claims and entire cases before trial, defeated motions by the other side to dispose of claims in a case before trial, successfully tried cases before juries and arbitrators and successfully preserved each win when appealed.

Often, employment problems can be resolved without using the legal process. We have obtained successful results for clients through education, direct negotiation, as well as employment mediation.

We have mediated many kinds of matters, including those involving: sex, race, national origin and sexual orientation harassment; race, pregnancy, disability, national origin, gender, and sexual orientation discrimination; and wrongful termination. We have insight into the employment mediation process, how best to position a case before mediation, and how useful mediation can be for both employees and employers.

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