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Is Age Discrimination Hurting Your Career?

  • Post on August 8th, 2017
  •  by Sana Swe 
  • at California Employment Law

They say that, with age tends to come experience, and in the workplace, that can be a valuable thing. Yet a growing number of employees are coming to find that their age works against them, not for them, when it comes to career advancement.

According to AARP, an estimated 67% of workers aged 45 to 74 claim they’ve either seen or experienced age discrimination on the job. Furthermore, job searchers over 35 feel that age discrimination is a major barrier to getting hired. And they’re probably not wrong. Following the 2008-2009 recession, workers 55 and over who lost their jobs were unemployed for 40.6 weeks, on average, compared to just 31.6 weeks for younger job seekers.

If you’re an older worker, unfortunately, there’s a strong chance that, at some point or another during your career, your age is going to become more of a liability than an asset. That’s why it’s critical to fight back against age discrimination rather than accept it, or take it lying down.

Age discrimination is the act of treating employees less favorably due to their age. And it’s very much illegal.

Denying an employee a promotion because of his or her age is against the law, as is making negative comments about a worker’s age. That’s why the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) was put in place to…continue reading>>>