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Workplace Harassment

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Legal Help for Workplace Harassment Due to Sex, Race, Age, Disability, Sexual Orientation, Religion or National Origin

Harassment is a form of discrimination. Harassment can be based on race, age, disability and other characteristics, but most commonly it takes the form of sexual harassment. There are two types of harassment: hostile work environment harassment and quid pro quo harassment.

Hostile work environment harassment occurs when your employer and/or your co-workers create an intimidating, abusive, or offensive environment through unwelcome conduct based on sex, race or other protected status. These actions don’t need to be directed against you in order to create a hostile work environment for you. Some examples of hostile work environment harassment include:

  • Verbal conduct (obscene language, sexual references, demeaning comments about a person’s religion or sexual orientation, threats, racial or other slurs, offensive jokes)
  • Visual displays (sexual pictures, offensive cartoons or other demeaning depictions)
  • Physical conduct (touching, kissing, physical assault)

Quid pro quo sexual harassment occurs when your boss offers you a work-related benefit in exchange for sex. Examples of quid pro quo harassment include offering you a promotion or raise if you’ll grant sexual favors or demoting you or firing you if you refuse to grant sexual favors.

As a California employment law firm we have handled numerous on-the-job harassment cases. We have extensive expertise in this area and almost 20 years of experience in California dealing with harassment matters, including litigating cases in court and conducting workplace training to help employers to prevent and deal appropriately with harassing behavior.

If you have been subjected to workplace harassment or your career has suffered because of a hostile work environment based on sex, race, age, disability or some other characteristic, contact us today.

Legal Solutions That Meet Your Goals

Resorting to the legal process is not the only solution to a workplace harassment problem. Sometimes employees and employers can work together to make changes in the workplace to stop harassing conduct and to improve the work environment. We help employees achieve those necessary workplace changes where possible.

If the employer-employee relationship can be salvaged, We also offer our clients the option of employment mediation. Following mediation, We can monitor work-based training programs to ensure that all staff understands the law and that management handles incidents of sexual, racial, and other kinds of harassment properly.

When necessary, however, we will take cases to court. We are aggressive advocates for our clients in the courtroom and have a demonstrated record of success. Contact our California law office to schedule an appointment.

Workplace harassment lawyers at Swe Legal represent employees who have been treated unfairly in the workplace. We represent clients all over California.